Individuals interested in learning more about accredited online MBA programs will find a host of useful answers on this page. For instance, there’s an explanation of what an accredited online MBA program is. A prospective student will also become aware of the advantages of selecting an accredited online MBA. In addition, there are descriptions of online accredited MBA programs offered by a variety of educational institutions. Students can also get an idea of some of the typical majors of an accredited online MBA program as well as the time that’s needed to graduate. Whether it’s a prospective student or someone who simply wants to understand more about accredited online MBA programs, this page provides an abundance of answers.

An Accredited Online MBA Program and Its Advantages

Most people have heard of an MBA or Masters of Business Administration program. People decide to earn an MBA for a number of reasons. Perhaps they want to achieve a senior management position or become a high-level executive. Maybe a person wants to start his or her own company and needs further educational preparation. An MBA is a prestigious degree that is a great asset in the world of business. What makes an accredited online MBA program different is that a student completes the course of study online. In addition, an MBA program that is accredited has received approval by an accrediting organization such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or AACSB. In fact, a person looking at an online MBA program must make a point to see that it is accredited. An online MBA program that is accredited often holds more value in the workings of the business world. A school that is accredited strives to teach relevant information to students and uses evaluations to improve the quality of education it offers as well as the effectiveness of its instructors. An employer who interviews a graduate with an MBA from an accredited educational institution knows that the candidate received a solid business education.

There are other advantages to participating in an accredited online MBA program besides the quality of the education. Essentially, online learning is a more flexible way to receive an education. Chances are, an ambitious businessperson who wants to earn an MBA is already working long hours. Consequently, attending a class in a traditional school would be hard to manage. For example, a student may have to miss a traditional class because of the need to stay late for a work project. Furthermore, a person who has car trouble or is stuck in traffic may end up missing class. Earning an accredited online master’s degree means that a student has the opportunity to study from his or her own home. In many instances, a student studying online can fashion a course schedule that takes into account his or her work and family obligations. In addition, online accredited MBA courses can be ideal for a student who prefers to work independently. Some students don’t perform as well in a traditional classroom setting with all of its inherent distractions. Plus, most online courses allow students to work at their own pace. As a result, many online students end up with a more thorough understanding of a lesson. By participating in an accredited online MBA program, a student has the convenience of an online course schedule, gets to work at his or her own pace, and saves on gas money!

Online Accredited MBA Programs and Specializations of Study

There are many educational institutions that offer MBA programs. For example, there is an online accredited MBA program at Howard University. There are also online accredited MBA programs found at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Washington State University, and Marylhurst University. Each of these accredited online MBA programs has its own attributes and areas of study. Some common majors in MBA programs include study in the areas of management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. The major an MBA student chooses depends upon his or her career aspirations and areas of interest in the field of business.

The Dedication of Time to an Accredited Online MBA Program

There is no definitive length of time it takes to complete an accredited online master’s degree. The time it takes a student to earn this degree depends on his or her major, a school’s program of study, and the student’s level of dedication. In general, it takes a student about two years to complete an accredited online MBA program.

Finally, the time and expense students dedicate to earning an accredited online master’s degree will likely prove worthwhile in the fulfillment of their business career aspirations.

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  1. Marie Ledesma-Hutton says:

    I’ve always asked people how they determined which is the best online MBA program, and have come up with different answers over the years. I agree with you though, that what constitutes the best depends on your preferred focus and how these course are structured. So when choosing an accredited online MBA program, you should know if you want to be more in tuned with global businesses or something with a more specific field of study.

  2. Tim Peterson says:

    I am just wondering if there is a difference between an 18-month accredited online MBA degree and one that lasts 28 months? Is a longer term online MBA program automatically better, because you get more time to learn more topics? Also, if we opt for accredited online MBA programs that last for 18 months, are there any courses or topics that we should make sure is included in the program? Is there such a thing as basic courses that should be present in every MBA program? If so, where can I get a copy of this list of courses?

  3. Oscar Ittau says:

    I agree that if you want to make sure that you are getting quality business education then you should choose an AACSB online MBA program. AACSB, for those who do not know, accredits business schools globally. Therefore, obtaining an AACSB online MBA degree means that you are ready for any real-world business challenge and climate. What’s more, there are currently close to 600 schools that are accredited, so you are not limited in your choices of schools or programs!

  4. Shelley B. says:

    I was just wondering if a course provider says that they are in the process of being accredited, how long does that usually tak? I have read the “What are the Steps Involved in Online MBA Accreditation?” section you have here and it seems like a brief process of five different things. But do you have a timeline for each? Are these done simultaneously or one after the other? I mean do they take a look at the faculty while also investigating how excellent the school’s students are? Or is it they only investigate the students after all the other things have been looked into?

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